Houses on Parade

Since the dawn of civilization, one of man's most fundamental requirements has been shelter from storms, predators, and other assorted ravages of Mother Nature, While the primal desire for a roof over our heads has not changed significantly over time, our options most certainly have. And never have these options been quite a imaginatively envisioned as through the whimsical and slightly twisted mind of Michael Young.

Combining a deep love of art, architecture, and humor, he herein presents a real-estate fantasy world rich in surreal imagery that's sure to amuse. While in some respects, one might be inclined to see this illustrated collection as part of a long tradition of visualizing unusual dwellings; from the crooked man who lived in a a crooked house, to the little old woman who lived in a shoe, the creative boundaries of skewed architectural design have rarely , if ever, been pushed to the extent you will experience within these pages.